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webpack EvalSourceMapDevToolPlugin

This plugin enables more fine grained control of source map generation. It is an alternative to the devtool configuration option.

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The following options are supported:

  • test (string|regex|array): Include source maps for modules based on their extension (defaults to .js and .css).
  • include (string|regex|array): Include source maps for module paths that match the given value.
  • exclude (string|regex|array): Exclude modules that match the given value from source map generation.
  • filename (string): Defines the output filename of the SourceMap (will be inlined if no value is provided).
  • append (string): Appends the given value to the original asset. Usually the #sourceMappingURL comment. [url] is replaced with a URL to the source map file. false disables the appending.
  • moduleFilenameTemplate (string): See output.devtoolModuleFilenameTemplate.
  • sourceURLTemplate: Define the sourceURL default: webpack-internal:///${module.identifier}
  • module (boolean): Indicates whether loaders should generate source maps (defaults to true).
  • columns (boolean): Indicates whether column mappings should be used (defaults to true).
  • protocol (string): Allows user to override default protocol (webpack-internal://)

T> Setting module and/or columns to false will yield less accurate source maps but will also improve compilation performance significantly.


The following examples demonstrate some common use cases for this plugin.

Exclude Vendor Maps

The following code would exclude source maps for any modules in the vendor.js bundle:

--- ------------------------------------
  --------- ----------------
  -------- -------------

Setting sourceURL

Set a URL for source maps. Useful for avoiding cross-origin issues such as:

- ------------ ----- --- ------- ----- ------- ---- ------ -- --- ------ ----- ------ -- ------------ --- ------------------------------------- --- ---- ------------

The option can be set to a function:

--- ------------------------------------
  ------------------ ------ -- -----------------------

Or a substition string:

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  ------------------ -------------------------