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什么是ng-fittext,An AngularJS directive for inflating web type


<h1 data-fittext>FitText</h1>

<!-- dynamic content --> <h1 data-fittext ></h1>

<!-- setting a minimum font size --> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-min=“10”>FitText</h1>

<!-- minimum font size inherited from CSS --> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-min=“inherit”>FitText</h1>

<!-- setting a maximum font size --> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-max=“10”>FitText</h1>

<!-- maximum font size inherited from CSS --> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-max=“inherit”>FitText</h1>

<!-- combination of restrictions --> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-min=“10” data-fittext-max=“inherit”>FitText</h1> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-min=“inherit” data-fittext-max=“100”>FitText</h1> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-min=“10” data-fittext-max=“100”>FitText</h1>

<!-- block child elements will share smallest font size --> <div data-fittext> <div>Short line</div> <div>Font size of this element will be used</div> <div>Short</div> </div>

<!-- inline child elements will behave as a single line of text --> <span data-fittext> <span>Single</span> <span> line of text</span> <span> spans 100% width</span> </span>

<!-- Custom fonts may take to load in. A delay can be specified before size is initially calculated --> <h1 data-fittext data-fittext-load-delay=“500”>Custom font</h1>

<!-- Custom fonts may ooze out of element; this is the same as the original compressor attr --> <h1 data-fittext=".9">Custom font</h1>

### [](#fittext-config-provider)FitText Config Provider

Because MODULARIZATION, this module doesn't come with debounce functionality included. Instead you will need to specify the functionality in the `fitTextConfigProvider`:

module.config(['fitTextConfigProvider', function(fitTextConfigProvider) {
  fitTextConfigProvider.config = {
    debounce: _.debounce,               // include a vender function like underscore or lodash
    debounce: function(a,b,c) {         // OR specify your own function
      var d;return function(){var e=this,f=arguments;clearTimeout(d),d=setTimeout(function(){d=null,c||a.apply(e,f)},b),c&&!d&&a.apply(e,f)}
    delay: 1000,                        // debounce delay
    loadDelay: 10,                      // global default delay before initial calculation
    compressor: 1,                      // global default calculation multiplier
    min: 0,                             // global default min
    min: 'inherit',                     // OR inherit CSS values globally
    max: Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY       // global default max
    max: 'inherit'                      // OR inherit CSS values globally


  • Globally inherit CSS values with min and max parameters in fitTextConfigProvider

  • Replace 'initial' value with more semantic 'inherit'

  • Both data-fittext-min and data-fittext-max can use the inherited CSS value by using 'inherit'

  • data-fittext-max can now take 'initial' as a value to use inherited CSS value. This allows for PX, EM or REM to be used.

  • Line heights are preserved

  • Display property is now preserved

  • New lines no longer need to be specified with an attribute

  • ng-model was mistakenly used for ng-bind - No longer need to use both ng-model and {{}} for dynamic values

  • Minified version now delivered via Bower

  • Config provider namespaced to avoid conflicts

  • Element now defaults to 100% width

  • Compressor now fine tunes from this point

  • Debounce functionality now needs to be passed in via fitTextConfigProvider


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