AngularJS: ng-model not binding to ng-checked for checkboxes

CommunityAbilash提出了一个问题:AngularJS: ng-model not binding to ng-checked for checkboxes,或许与您遇到的问题类似。


ngModel and ngChecked are not meant to be used together.

ngChecked is expecting an expression, so by saying ng-checked="true", you're basically saying that the checkbox will always be checked by default.

You should be able to just use ngModel, tied to a boolean property on your model. If you want something else, then you either need to use ngTrueValue and ngFalseValue (which only support strings right now), or write your own directive.

What is it exactly that you're trying to do? If you just want the first checkbox to be checked by default, you should change your model -- item1: true,.

Edit: You don't have to submit your form to debug the current state of the model, btw, you can just dump {{testModel}} into your HTML (or <pre>{{testModel|json}}</pre>). Also your ngModel attributes can be simplified to ng-model="testModel.item1".