A generic game composed of usual RPG game components



Generic Game is a fully covered object oriented ES6 Javascript library for creating RPG games. This set of tools will be the start point to any RPG game Javascript based.

What is it for?

Considering most games usually follows the same structure, character creation, leveling, items, skills. This would be a fully tested implementation of those features. It is useful for creating a controlled enviroment for RPG based systems. Here's some tips: board/card games; chatbot games; MUD games.


Check out this mindmap with the features.


After installing Generic Game in your project by using:

npm install --save generic-game

you can take advantage of it's prebuilt classes. Let's say you need to make a game where a hero can be equiped with a sword to kill things (like every RPG game).

So you use GenericGame:

import GenericGame from 'generic-game'
const gg = new GenericGame()

then create the hero scope:

const hero = new gg.class.Character({
  name: 'Generic hero'
}){type: 'handheld'})

and the hero's enemy:

const mob = new gg.class.Character({
  name: 'Generic mob'
}){type: 'handheld'})

equip them: gg.class.Weapon({
  name: 'Great sword',
  type: gg.const.item.EQUIPABLE,
  slotType: {name: 'handheld'},
  attacks: [
    {damage: 10, delay: 100}
})) gg.class.Weapon({
  name: 'Dagger',
  type: gg.const.item.EQUIPABLE,
  slotType: {name: 'handheld'},
  attacks: [
    {damage: 1, delay: 100}

to finally battle:'battle:[after]takingDamage', ({ status }) => {
  console.log(`Hero received ${status.damage} damage!`)
hero.battle.conflict(mob).then(() => {
  if (hero.battle.isAlive()) console.log('Hero is alive. :)')
  if (!mob.battle.isAlive()) console.log('And mob is dead. :)')


I'll disapoint you for a moment here, I'm currently building something with it. If you want to contribute, let me know to add here.


Documentation is available here.

In case any bug

Feel free to add issues in the repository project


git clone
cd generic-game
npm i

Read the for more information.