This is a module that few should need to use, so if your not sure what this is you likely dont need to care. It exists to avoid copy/pasting the code between ember/embroider/ember-cli-htmlbars.

such time as it is not longer needed, or ember provides the helper itself and all versions of ember which do not have become EOL.


yarn add wrap-legacy-hbs-plugin-if-needed
// ESModules
import wrapLegacyPluginIfNeeded from 'wrap-legacy-hbs-plugin-if-needed';

const wrappedIfNeededPlugin = wrapLegacyPluginIfNeeded(legacyOrModernHbsPlugin)
// CJS
const { default: wrapLegacyPluginIfNeeded } = require('wrap-legacy-hbs-plugin-if-needed');

const wrappedIfNeededPlugin = wrapLegacyPluginIfNeeded(legacyOrModernHbsPlugin)





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