A tool for reviewing and executing AWS CloudFormation change sets.

A command line tool for reviewing and executing AWS CloudFormation change sets.


  • Read CloudFormation change set ARN from stdin or from the command line
  • Print a summary of changes to stack resources, parameters and tags
  • View the chain of causes that leads to resource changes (experimental)
  • Review changes and execute them right away

Note: Resource change cause chains are experimental and might not be fully accurate. Always review the raw change set input if you are unsure how changes propagate to resources.


npm i -g cfn-execute-change-set


To review and execute a changeset, just pipe the output of the AWS CLI create-change-set command to the cfn-execute-change-set tool:

aws cloudformation create-change-set [...] | cfn-execute-change-set

Piping the output of aws cloudformation deploy --no-execute-change-set is also supported.

Alternatively, you can provide a CloudFormation change set ARNs as command line argument:

cfn-execute-change-set \


$ aws cloudformation create-change-set [] | cfn-execute-change-set
    "StackId": "arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:748888633826:stack/ew1-test/e0496e10-fe10-11e7-8420-50fae9b818d2",
    "Id": "arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:748888633826:changeSet/test-1516540773/0e3d729c-9712-43aa-a7d3-2b44e4d2b797"
Changeset is being created. Waiting...
Changeset is being created. Waiting...
Resource Changes
[*] AuthenticatorLambda - ew1-test-AuthenticatorLambda-113XFFG3TVL7D (AWS::Lambda::Function)
    - resource tags changed
        caused by changed stack tags
[*] DataBucket - cfn-execute-changeset-test-1 (AWS::S3::Bucket)
    - resource tags changed
        caused by changed stack tags
[*] FirehoseDeliveryStream - ew1-test-FirehoseDeliveryStream-115L2LE9AKCXP (AWS::KinesisFirehose::DeliveryStream) [Replacement: Conditional]
    - resource property ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration might change [Recreation: Always]
        caused by changed output value of AuthenticatorLambda.Arn
        caused by changed stack tags

Tag Changes
[*] Another: test1 ⟶ test

Execute change set [y/N]? y
Stack update started:
- Change Set ARN: arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:748888633826:changeSet/test-1516540773/0e3d729c-9712-43aa-a7d3-2b44e4d2b797
- Stack ARN: arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:748888633826:stack/ew1-test/e0496e10-fe10-11e7-8420-50fae9b818d2


Integration Test

The test suite includes an integration test that calls live AWS APIs. The integration test requires valid AWS credentials that are allowed to

  • Create, Describe and Delete CloudFormation stacks
  • Create and Describe change sets
  • Create, Delete and Update SNS topics (used as sample resource)

If the AWS SDK cannot find valid AWS credentials, the integration test is skipped. If the SDK finds credentials which cannot perform these operations, the integration test will fail.


  • Support change sets that import resources.





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