A React Native component providing images selection from camera roll


CameraRoll Picker component for React native

Requires react-native >=0.43.0

Add to Project

  • Install component through npm

    $ npm install react-native-camera-roll-picker --save
  • Install CameraRoll from @react-native-community

    $ npm install @react-native-community/cameraroll
  • Require component

    import CameraRollPicker from 'react-native-camera-roll-picker';

Basic Usage

  callback={this.getSelectedImages} />


  • callback: Callback function when images was selected. (is required!). Return a selected image array and current selected image.
  • initialNumToRender: Specifies how many rows we want to render on our first render pass. (Default: 5)
  • groupTypes: The group where the photos will be fetched, one of 'Album', 'All', 'Event', 'Faces', 'Library', 'PhotoStream' and 'SavedPhotos'. (Default: SavedPhotos)
  • assetType: The asset type, one of 'Photos', 'Videos' or 'All'. (Default: Photos)
  • selected: Already be selected images array. (Default: [])
  • selectSingleItem: Boolean to select only one single image at time. (Default: false)
  • maximum: Maximum number of selected images. (Default: 15)
  • imagesPerRow: Number of images per row. (Default: 3)
  • imageMargin: Margin size of one image. (Default: 5)
  • containerWidth: Width of camer roll picker container. (Default: device width)
  • selectedMarker: Custom selected image marker component. (Default: checkmark).
  • backgroundColor: Set background color. (Default: white).
  • emptyText: Text to display instead of a list when there are no photos found. (Default: 'No photos.')
  • emptyTextStyle: Styles to apply to the emptyText. (Default: textAlign: 'center')
  • loader: Loader component node. (Default: <ActivityIndicator />)

Run Example

$ git clone
$ cd react-native-camera-roll-picker
$ cd Example
$ npm install
$ react-native run-ios







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