Compiles your TS app and restarts when files are modified.


Tweaked version of node-devthat uses ts-nodeunder the hood.

It restarts target node process when any of required files changes (as standard node-dev) but shares Typescriptcompilation process between restarts. This significantly increases speed of restarting comparing to node-dev -r ts-node/register ..., nodemon -x ts-node ...variations because there is no need to instantiate ts-nodecompilation each time.


yarn add ts-node-dev --dev
npm i ts-node-dev --save-dev

ts-nodedependency version is not fixed, so it will install the latest version by default.


ts-node-dev [node-dev|ts-node flags] [ts-node-dev flags] [node cli flags] [--] [script] [script arguments]

So you just combine node-devand ts-nodeoptions (see docs of those packages):

ts-node-dev --respawn --transpileOnly server.ts

There is also short alias tsndfor running ts-node-dev:

tsnd --respawn server.ts

Also there are additional options specific to ts-node-dev:

  • --prefer-ts(default: false) - for each .jsfile (that is not in node_modules) will try to check if corresponding .tsversion exists and require it.

  • --ignore-watch(default: []) - files/folders to be ignored by node-dev. But also this behaviour enhanced:it will also make up new RegExpof passed ignore string and check absolute paths of required files for match. So, to ignore everything in node_modules, just pass --ignore-watch node_modules.

  • --debug- some additional debug output.

  • --intervalPolling interval (ms)

  • --debounceDebounce file change events (ms, non-polling mode)

Caveats and points of notice:

  • Especially for large code bases always consider running with --transpile-onlyflag which is normal for dev workflow and will speed up things greatly. Note, that ts-node-devwill not put watch handlers on TS files that contain only types/interfaces (used only for type checking) - this is current limitation by design.

  • --ignore-watchwill NOT affect files ignored by TS compilation. Use --ignoreoption (or TS_NODE_IGNOREenv variable) to pass RegExp stringsfor filtering files that should not be compiled, by default /node_modules/are ignored.

  • Unknown flags (nodecli flags are considered to be so) are treated like string value flags by default. The right solution to avoid ambiguity is to separate script name from option flags with --, for example:

    ts-node-dev --inspect -- my-script.ts
  • The good thing is that ts-node-devwatches used tsconfig.jsonfile, and will reinitialize compilation on its change, but you have to restart the process manually when you update used version of typescriptor make any other changes that may effect compilation results.

  • In some rare cases ts-node-devmay fail to terminate an application by sending SIGTERMsignal, this maybe be caused by the app having running heavy child process or something. But the app should get the signal anyway and it can be explicitly processed there: process.on('SIGTERM', () => process.exit()).








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