tool to augments GBDK and streamline your Gameboy Color Development workflow so you can actually get things done

Build & Watch

Build & Watch is a Gameboy ROM development workflow tool which watches a folder for changes to .c or .h files, builds your Gameboy ROM .gbfile using GBDK, and then conveniently launches an emulator of your choice with the updated ROM while closing older instances each time you make an edit.

Getting Started

These tools are created with NodeJS. To begin usage, make sure you have installed:

  • NodeJS 6.X +
  • NPM3 +
  • GBDK

Once you have these requirements, be sure to:

1) configure your PATH variables to include the /binfolder of your GBDK. 2) Open your terminal 3) Go to the directory where you intend to build your source code to a ROM and type

npm install -g build-and-watch


Be sure to configure the relevant parameters in config.json, go to your cloned repo directory, and then simply run:

buildandwatch --config="myconfigfile.json"


PR requests welcome. Please be reasonable with issue reports, and use stack exchange if it is simple for a technical question vs an actual issue. This repo has been created and tested exclusively on Windows 10 so far, so I'm hoping to get some feedback from people on other OS/distros.


This is a work in progress. As such, there are likely to be things that can be improved, and this repo is in a phase of active development. Your support is greatly appreciated throughout this process.







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