A browserify implementation of node-bignum


A JavaScript implementation of node-bignumforked from the wonderful work done by MikeMcl as bignumber.js


API functionality should be identical to that of node-bignum. However, a few methods are missing:

  •, safe=true)
  • .toNumber()
  • .and(n)
  • .or(n)
  • .xor(n)
  • .invertm(n)
  • .rand()
  • .probPrime()
  • .root(n)
  • .shiftLeft(n)
  • .shiftRight(n)
  • .gcd(n)
  • .jacobi(n)

I have no intention of implementing themif you would like to do so and submit a pull request I would happily accept it. I wrote this library so I could browserify node-srpwhich does not require any of the above mentioned methods.




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