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什么是openam-agent-cache-redis,Cache using Redis for the OpenAM Policy Agent for NodeJS



Abstract cache for the OpenAM Policy Agent for NodeJS

Implement this class to use your own cache with any backed with the node-openam-policy-agent

API Docs

<a name=“user-content-cache”></a>


Kind: global abstract class

  • Cache
    • new Cache()
    • .get(key) ⇒ Promise
    • .put(key, value) ⇒ Promise
    • .remove(key) ⇒ Promise
    • .quit() ⇒ Promise

<a name=“user-content-new_cache_new”></a>

new Cache()

Abstract Cache class

<a name=“user-content-cache+get”></a>

cache.get(key) ⇒ Promise

Get a single cached item If the entry is not found, reject

Kind: instance method of Cache

Param Type
key string

<a name=“user-content-cache+put”></a>

cache.put(key, value) ⇒ Promise

Store a single cached item (overwrites existing)

Kind: instance method of Cache

Param Type
key string
value *

<a name=“user-content-cache+remove”></a>

cache.remove(key) ⇒ Promise

Remove a single cached item

Kind: instance method of Cache

Param Type
key string

<a name=“user-content-cache+quit”></a>

cache.quit() ⇒ Promise

Closes the client connection

Kind: instance method of Cache


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