create-cycle-one-fits-all flavor

one-fits-all flavour



Run create-cycle-app myAppName.

If you use create-cycle-app@<5.0.0you will need this command: create-cycle-app myAppName --flavor cycle-scripts-one-fits-all

To use different package manager, add either --pnpmor --yarnat the end.


An elementary SPA. Each page is a cycle component and has its own state.


  • xstream observables designed for Cycle.js apps
  • @cycle/dom and snabbdom for HTML rendering and events
  • @cycle/time for easy testing
  • cycle-onionify and @cycle/isolate for fractal single state atom
  • cyclic-router and switch-path for routing
  • Custom HTML speech driver (write only) as example how to write a driver yourself


Typescript (strict) with TSLint or ES6, uses the Typescript compiler for both.

How does this flavor work

My goal is to create a flavor where you don't have to eject if you want to customize the config. Thus, the template will create a webpack.config.jsinside your app folder that defines the entry points of the app. You can add to that config and it will be merged with the config defined in this flavor.


Webpack is configured using webpack-blocks


  • npm start: Start development server listening on port 8080
  • npm test: Run the tests with mocha-webpack
  • npm run build: Generate a production-ready build content, on the buildfolder (this folder is gitignored)
  • npm run eject: Copy flavor's dependencies and configurations to the project folder, update package.jsonand remove the dependency on the flavored cycle-scripts. This is irreversible.
  • npm run clean: Delete all the files and folders that were generated by the other commands (build, start and test)

Config files

  • webpack.config.js (Added to config/after running the eject script)






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