HTML5 backend for React DnD

React DnD HTML5 Backend

The officially supported HTML5 backend for React DnD. See the docsfor usage information.


If you use npm:

npm install --save react-dnd-html5-backend

The npm package defaults to the CommonJS build.

However it also includes a pre-minified UMD build in the distfolder. The UMD build exports a global window.ReactDnDHTML5Backendwhen imported as a <script>tag.

If you’d rather not use npm, you can use unpkgto access the UMD build directly: ReactDnDHTML5Backend.min.js. You may point your Bower config to it.

Browser Support

We strive to support the evergreen browsers, Safari 7+, as well as IE11+. IE10 should also work, but DragLayeris fairly useless because IE10 doesn’t support pointer-events: none. We don’t officially support IE9 and less.

Unfortunately the browser bugs, inconsistencies, and regressions come up from time to time, so please make sure you test your app on the browsers you’re interested in, and report any bugs to us.




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