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Welcome to NICE Experience. Your source for quickly creating consistent on-brand NICE digital services.

Table of contents

What is it?

NICE Experience is a replacement for NICE.Bootstrap. It's a front-end toolkit/pattern library and guidelines for rapidly building modern, accessible web apps that are consistent with the NICE brand guidelines.

Browser support

IE/EdgeChromeFirefoxSafariSafari (iOS)Android

And all other modern browsers

We support IE8 because of our audience - traffic to as of 22/09/2016:

  • 15.80% - IE11
  • 5.08% - IE8
  • 2.61% - IE9
  • 1.78% - IE10
  • 0.56% - IE7

To support older IE we have separate builds of our JS and CSS.


Experience has been built with accessibility in mind and is built to conform to WCAG 2.0 AA.

If you are building an application with Experience, please keep the same level of conformance.

See more information.

Project structure

.githubGithub templates folder
.grunt-tasksGrunt task configs loaded in from Gruntfile.js
distBuilt files for distribution with each new version
srcThe main source of Experience
- src/assetsCommon static assets
- src/componentsComponents (SASS/JS/Nunjucks view/test)
- src/iconsSVG icon font source
- src/javascriptsMain Experience JS + JSDoc configand ESLint config
- src/stylesheetsMain Experience SASS + SASS Lint config+ SASS Doc custom theme
serverExpress dev server, views etc for testing and building components
testTest setup and unit tests


Getting started

    1. `npm i -g grunt-cli`
    2. `npm i`
    3. `npm start`

To run the dev server and tests on your local machine, first install:

Then before you can run any tasks, run the following from the command line to install dependencies:

  • npm i -g grunt-cli
  • npm i

We use Grunt as a task runner hence the dependency on Node. If you haven't used Gruntbefore, be sure to check out the Getting Startedguide first.

Run npm startfrom the command line which will:

  • run tests
  • lint JavaScript and SCSS
  • build the required assets (JS/CSS/web fonts)
  • serve the development site
  • watch for change to source files

There are also other commands you can run:


Run npm startand npm run test:watchfor development. However, there are other npm scripts available to be run for other tasks:

npm startSimply runs gruntunder the hood
npm testRuns JS tests
npm run test:watchRuns JS test tests (with min reporter) and watches for changes. Useful to run in development alongside grunt.
npm run test:coverageRuns JS test tests and generates a coverage report with Istanbulinto the coveragefolder
npm run lintLints SASS and JS (uses grunt lintunder the hood)
npm run releaseBuilds the assets in dist mode, increments package.json patch version, pushes a new git tag, creates a GitHub release (with release notes from commits since last release) and creates an npm release.


Some of the npm scripts use Grunt tasks under the hood. These Grunt tasks (and aliases) can be run directly e.g. grunt lint. However, we recommend using the npm scripts themselves. See the task aliases in Gruntfile.jsfor more information.


See the javascriptfolder for more information.


See the stylesheetsfolder for more information.


See the iconsfolder for more information.


See the testfolder for more information.



TODO - we will deploy pre-compiled versions onto

Install with npm

npm i nice-experience

Then follow the usagesteps below...

Install with bower

bower i nice-experience

Then follow the usagesteps below...



Not recommended for production, but useful for quick prototypes, the npm package includes a dist folder with precompiled assets.

You can reference directly if you have the correct permissions:

<!-- Font from Google & compiled/minified CSS -->
<link href=",400,400i,700" rel="stylesheet">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/node_modules/nice-experience/dist/stylesheets/experience.min.css">

<!-- jQuery from CDN & compiled/minified JavaScript -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src="/node_modules/nice-experience/dist/javascripts/experience.min.js"></script>

OR if you're using express you can use the dist folder as a static directory:

app.use(express.static(__dirname + "/node_modules/nice-experience/dist/"));

and then reference it from your HTML as:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/stylesheets/experience.min.css" type="text/css" media="screen" charset="utf-8">
<script src="/javascripts/experience.min.js"></script>

OR you can use a copy command (with Grunt or similar) to copy the compiled assets out of the node_modulesfolder to somewhere where you can serve them.

From source

The npm package contains the source code as well as the precompiled assets.




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