Aqueduct Flood

Aqueduct Flood

Aqueduct Flood is the third tool of the Aqueduct family. More info soon.

Requirements 🛠️

node 10.7.0

Getting Started 👨‍💻

Once you have the project locally, run nvm useto detect the Node version used in the project. Install if needed.

Run yarnto install project's dependencies.

Clone .env.defaultto .envand fill it.

To start working run yarn dev.

Working with AQ-components 🔗

AQ-componentsprovides a bunch of useful components to use in the different AQ apps.

To work with it, go to your AQ-components project, and run yarn link. This will generate a symlink to the project. Now, let's compile the code and make it responsive to changes: run yarn components:watch.

Go to your application and link the components: yarn link aqueduct-components.

You should be ready to work!

Deploy 🚀


Recommendations 🐰

It's strongly recommended to use nvmfor managing different Node versions easily.




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