Components to use with WRI's API

WRI API Components

WRI API Components is a collection of React components shared with all WRI applications and they are based on WRI's API. The goal of this project is to centralize all common components and keep the consistency through the different apps.

Requirements 🛠️

node 8.11.2

Getting Started 👨‍💻

Once you have the project locally, run yarn installto install project's dependencies.

Then install peer dependencies running:

yarn add react react-dom vega vega-lib

And that's all! No need of more setup.

To start working run yarn start. This will run styleguidistresponsible of generating our styleguide. Now you are ready to code!

Adding a new component 👾

To add a new component, go to src/components, you will see a bunch of first-level folders, those are the sections, then choose where you want to create your component (or create a new section, see below).

The component folder needs the following structure:

- index.js (entrypoint, ususally where the component is defined)
- readme.md (file used to define how styleguidist will render the component).
- styles.scss (optional, if there are styles to apply)

Feel free to create as many file as you need to make your component work once you have the mandatory ones.

❗❗ As we are using CSS Modules don't forget to replace classNamewith styleNamein your component in order to allow CSS Modules compile the styles properly.

Adding a new section 📜

To add a new section, go to styleguide.config.jsfile, look for sectionsand add yours:

    name: 'Awesome section',
    components: () => ([ path.resolve(__dirname, 'src/components/awesome-section/*', 'index.js') ])

Deploy 🚀

The deploy is set up with gh-pages. To deploy, styleguidist will generate a compiled and production-ready version and gh-pages will deploy it to the gh-pagesbranch automatically.

Those steps can be run just typing yarn deploy.

For more details, check package.json, scriptssection.

Troubleshooting ⚠️

Vegalibrary uses canvasdependency, this one at the same time depends on cairo. So if you are suffering installing canvasor related go to https://github.com/Automattic/node-canvas#compilingand follow the steps.

Recommendations 🐰

It's strongly recommended to use nvmfor mananing different Node versions easily.





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