A modular minifier, built on top of the PostCSSecosystem.

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cssnano is a modular minifier that aims to utilise small modules from the PostCSS ecosystem, rather than being an all-encompassing module that may be difficult to contribute to. Because it is written on top of PostCSS, it is able to do more than simple whitespace transforms - including advanced optimisations such as custom identifier reduction, z-indexrebasing, and adjacent selector merging.

Note that cssnano enables aggressive optimisations by default, which might not always be what you want. Set options.safeto trueif you want to disable this. In future versions, only safe options will be enabled by default, starting from version 4.

For further details check out the website:

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  • gulp-cssnano

    Minify CSS with cssnano. gulpgulpcssnano Build Status(https://travisci.org/beneb/gulpcssnano.svg?b...

    1 年前
  • eslint-config-cssnano

    Shared eslint config for cssnano. eslintconfigcssnano Build Status(https://travisci.org/beneb/esli...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-util-same-parent

    Check that two PostCSS nodes share the same parent. cssnanoutilsameparent Check that two PostCSS...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-util-raw-cache

    Manages the raw value formatting for generated AST nodes. cssnanoutilrawcache Manages the raw va...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-util-get-match

    Convert a list of keywords into a single keyword match. cssnanoutilgetmatch Convert a list of ke...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-util-get-arguments

    Get a list of arguments, separated by a comma. cssnanoutilgetarguments Get a list of arguments, ...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-preset-miniapp

    小程序cssnano preset cssnanopresetminiapp 小程序cssnano preset HomePage https://github.com/ziutemp...

    7 个月前
  • cssnano-preset-default

    Safe defaults for cssnano which require minimal configuration. cssnanopresetdefault Safe default...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-preset-advanced

    Advanced optimisations for cssnano; may or may not break your CSS cssnanopresetadvanced Advanced...

    2 年前
  • cssnano-cli

    A CLI for modular minifier cssnano. cssnanocli Build Status(https://travisci.org/beneb/cssnanocli....

    4 个月前


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