Generates files for use with the Carryall.js script loader.

Carryall Packer

Packer is a Node.js build tool which minifies and stringifies JavaScript source files for use with the Carryallscript loader.


Create a carryall.json file in the following format:

    "name": "app",
    "outDir": "/path/to/out",
    "cargoList": [{ "name": "foo.js", "path": "/path/to/src" }],
            "check": true,
            "checkPassed": ["foo.js"]

You can either change into the directory where the carryall.json file (which in this case should specify relative paths) is located and execute the packer command:

$ cd /path/to/carryall.json

$ carryall-packer

Or you can pass the absolute path of the carryall.json file (which in this case should specify absolute paths) to the packer command:

$ carryall-packer --manifest='/path/to/carryall.json'





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