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什么是eris,A NodeJS Discord library


Eris NPM version

A NodeJS wrapper for interfacing with Discord.


You will need NodeJS 8+. If you need voice support you will also need Python 2.7 and a C++ compiler. Refer to the Getting Started section of the docs for more details.

npm install --no-optional eris

If you need voice support, remove the --no-optional

Ping Pong Example

const Eris = require("eris");

var bot = new Eris("BOT_TOKEN");
// Replace BOT_TOKEN with your bot account's token

bot.on("ready", () => { // When the bot is ready
    console.log("Ready!"); // Log "Ready!"

bot.on("messageCreate", (msg) => { // When a message is created
    if(msg.content === "!ping") { // If the message content is "!ping"
        bot.createMessage(, "Pong!");
        // Send a message in the same channel with "Pong!"
    } else if(msg.content === "!pong") { // Otherwise, if the message is "!pong"
        bot.createMessage(, "Ping!");
        // Respond with "Ping!"

bot.connect(); // Get the bot to connect to Discord

More examples can be found in the examples folder.

Useful Links

The website includes more detailed information on getting started, as well as documentation for the different components.

The Discord API channel (#js_eris) is the best place to get support/contact me.

The GitHub repo has the most updated code.

The NPM package


Refer to the LICENSE file.


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