cli wrapper for uglify and cssmin used by YUI


yuglifyis a wrapper around UglifyJSand cssminwith the default YUI configurations on each of them.

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CLI Usage

npm -g install yuglify

yuglifyhas a very simple CLI interface to allow you to compress files from the command line.

yuglify ./lib/*.js #uses shell globbing, won't work on Windows

This will read all passed files and compress them (js or css) and write them back beside the original with the name altered to .min.js|css.


npm install yuglify
var yuglify = require('yuglify');

yuglify.jsmin('<string of source', function(err, smashed) {
    fs.writeFile('/path/to/file', smashed, 'utf8', function() {});

yuglify.cssmin('<string of source', function(err, smashed) {
    fs.writeFile('/path/to/file', smashed, 'utf8', function() {});


This module is primarily designed to be used inside shifter.

Why not use the default Uglify?

We need to support the /*!license comment blocks when minifying, so we added a preprocessor to the code to pull them from the source, then place them back when the minification is complete.

We also needed to make sure that the file ends in a clean line ending for our combo servers. This way we ensure that other modules don't have to end with a semi-colon and the combohandler doesn't concat them together in a bad way.

We've also added support to add a semi-colon if the last character of the minified source is either a )or a }.

The last thing this module does is provide the default config that we think is the most compatible with the way that YUI Compressor used to minify our files.

    mangle: true,
    squeeze: true,
    semicolon: false,
    lift_vars: false,
    mangle_toplevel: true,
    no_mangle_functions: true,
    max_line_length: 6000


Currently, the tests for this module are just to make sure that they are exported properly. Shifter's test suite validates that these compressors are working as expected. Soon, we'll move them over to this repo too.





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