Insturments buffers and generates lcov compatible data from collected results to generate coverage reports.


The prupose of this module is to provide helpers for node.js for instrumenting and generating lcov style reports.


instrument(buffer, "filename")

  • bufferhas to contain the code that you want to instrument.
  • filenamecan be any string and will be used for the reporting.
  • The return value is a bufferwith the instrumented code

Executing the instrumented code will create and fill an object called _$Coverage. The contents will look like this:

    filename: {
        linenumber: timesExecuted


var _$Coverage = {
    'someJsFile.js': {
        0: 1,
        2: 1,
        5: 3,
        7: 0


  • exectuedLinesis normaly just _$Coveragebut you can pass anything that follows it's format.

  • The return value is a stringthat follows the LCOV Data style. The output will look like this:

    SF:someJsFile DA:0,1 DA:2,1 DA:5,3 DA:7,0 end_of_record

You can visualize this by saving this to a file and running lcov -l coverage.datalso genhtml coverage.dat -o /tmp/reportwill be your friend.

combineResults(executedLines[, executedLines, …])

  • exectuedLinesis normaly just _$Coveragebut you can pass anything that follows it's format.
  • You can pass as many executedLinesas you want to combine for example multiple clients.
  • The return value is an objectin the same format as _$Coveragebut with all runs added up






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