Generate lcov data files from Buster.JS


Unfortunately I wasn't able to give buster-coverage the love it deserves if you're interested to take this project over please get in contact with me.


An extension for buster.jsto generage lcov files for everything listed in your sourcefiles. You will need lcovor something similar to generate meaningful reports.

It will output a coverage.lcovthat combines all browser into a single file and a separated file for each client that was connected during the testrun.


Not yet released on npm, so go to your node_modulesdirectory and clone it:

git clone git://github.com/ebi/buster-coverage.git

Then link it:

cd buster-coverage
npm link

Then add it to your buster.jsconfig file:

config["My tests"] = {
  extensions: [ require("buster-coverage") ]


By default it will write everything into the coveragesubdirectory.

Example Configuration

config["My tests"] = {
  extensions: [ require("buster-coverage") ],
  "buster-coverage": {
    outputDirectory: "coverage_reports", //Write to this directory instead of coverage
    format: "cobertura", //At the moment cobertura and lcov are the only ones available
    combinedResultsOnly: true, //Write one combined file instead of one for each browser
    coverageExclusions: ["resources"] //Exclude everything with resources in it's path

Generating reports

To generate a basic report you can just run:

genhtml coverage/coverage.lcov -o report


Copyright 2012, Tobias Ebnöther.

Released under the BSD license.







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