CLI to manage internationalizing your Titanium app

Titanium i18n

Titanium i18n (ti-i18n) is both a pluggable TitaniumCLI 3.2+ command and stand-alone CLI for managing your app's internationalization. It replaces the soon to be deprecated alloy extract-i18nand works on both Alloyand Classic projects.

1. Get it

ti-i18nis built on Node.js. Once you have Node.js installed you can use the included NPM package manager to install ti-i18nvia the following command:

sudo npm install -g ti-i18n

Optionally plug as Titanium CLI 3.2.0 command

If you already run the upcoming Titanium CLI 3.2.0, you can let ti-i18nplug itself as a command under the Titanium CLI:

ti-i18n plug

Once, you've done this. The following (note the -) do exactly the same:

ti-i18n extract
ti i18n extract

ti-i18nwill be further developped to be a worthy command, listen to the global flags like --no-colorsand read any relevant defaults from the CLI config. Use ti-i18n pluggedand ti-i18n unplugto check if ti-i18nis plugged or unplug.

Or use it as a module

You can also use ti-18nas an dependency of your NodeJS project. The same options apply, just use the full names and make sure options like --project-dirare camel-cased to projectDir.

var i18n = require('ti-i18n');
    language: 'nl',
    apply: true

2. Use it


As demonstrated by the test on the files in test/source, ti-i18nis able to extract i18n strings from XML, TSS and JS source code. Just don't use composed strings like L('error_' + code);.

By default ti-i18nscans the i18ndirectory for languages and reads and writes to all of them. You can choose a specific language by passing it as the first argument after the extractcommand.

Use the -aor --applyflag to actually append the missing strings to the files. In both cases, ti-i18nwill display a table with the exact changes (to be) made.

Usage: extract [options]
Example: ti-i18n extract -a -l nl
    -a, --apply               append to the strings.xml files (default: no)
    -d, --project-dir <path>  Project directory (default: current)
    -l, --language <ln>       single language to compare with and write to (default: all)


The sync command makes sure all languages have the same strings. If a file doesn't have a string present in one of the other languages, it will be appended to it.

Use the -aor --applyflag to actually append the missing strings to the files. In both cases, ti-i18nwill display a table with the exact changes (to be) made.

Usage: sync [options]
Example: ti-i18n sync -a
    -a, --apply               append to the strings.xml files (default: no)
    -d, --project-dir <path>  Project directory (default: current)


Once you've had the strings translated, you can merge the translated XML with the one in your project. Existing string values will be updated and new strings added but if during translation your strings.xml file has grown, the new ones will be preserved.

Usage: merge [options]
Example: ti-i18n merge -s ~/translated.xml -l nl -a
    -a, --apply               overwrite the strings.xml file (default: no)
    -d, --project-dir <path>  Project directory (default: current)
    -s, --source <path>       Source strings.xml file to merge from
    -l, --language <ln>       language to compare with and merge to


You can sort the strings in all language files of a project using the sortcommand.

Usage: sort [options]
Example: ti-i18n sort
    -d, --project-dir <path>  Project directory (default: current)

Global options

-h, --helpbothoutput usage information
-v, --versionstand-aloneoutput the version number (as a hook, this will output the Titanium CLI version)


The testfolder contains a single unit-test you can use, e.g. with mocha:

sudo npm install -g mocha
mocha test/test.js


  • Rewrite extractto search through XML, TSS(JSON) and JS(AST).
  • Option to remove second hint-argument from Land use it in strings.xml.
  • Add validateto validate strings.xmlfor UTF-8, CDATA, duplicates etc.
  • Add cleanto comment out any strings not found in source.
  • Add mergeto merge translated file back into project.
  • Add peerto make sure all language have same strings.
  • Add nameto create/update XML for internationalized app names.


Copyright 2013 Fokke Zandbergen

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.







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