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什么是merco,Merging, compressing and cache busting for js


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Merco is Express middleware for merging and minifying JS files in run time. It also support cache busting.

How to use it ?

install merco module:

  • npm install merco

use merco as middleware:

  • app.use(merco.init(params));

set route from which you want to serve files:

  • app.get('/build/*', merco.route);

use it in template (.ejs):

<% getJS('PATH/TO/FILE1') %>
<% getJS('PATH/TO/FILE2') %>

<%- printJS() %>


route - route from which you want to serve files

version - cache buster, good practice is to use package.version

filePath - location of raw js files

buildPath - location where processed files should be stored (need write permissions on that folder)

sKey - secret key that will be used for encryption

cache - default true, in dev environment set cache to false

ignoreSameFile - default true, ignores same file while registering with getJS()

async - default false, includes async attribute to script tag. More about it here


npm run test

Why run time ?

  • in case of large application and big number of files doing this in run time is much more convinient
  • this is also useful in case of multivariant tests when we want to have different js for different variants
  • it’s easier to use in some case


For better performance use caching on nginx or akamai.


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