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什么是file-builder,A concatenation tool ripped from the insides of PrePros.



A file builder ripped from the insides of PrePros


Concatenate files with prepend and append directives embedded in the files as is possible in PrePros and CodeKit. This tool was made to serve the needs of grunt-codekit, but is published in the hopes that it meets the needs of other souls out there.

Getting started

var builder = require('file-builder')
            , fileOptions = {
                input: 'starting-point.js',
                customOutput: '../results/output.js'
            , projectOptions = { path: '.' };

builder.javascript(fileOptions, projectOptions, callback);

Assuming we are working with the files in the test/fixtures directory you will end up with test/results/output.js

API notes

We are just working directly with the innards of Prepros, so if you want to know about all the different overrides you can look into the config module of PrePros.



Use single line comments with @codekit-append or @prepros-append Example: // @codekit-append 'myfile.js'


See Appending - substitute keywords for @codekit-prepend, @prepros-prepend


javascript(fileOptions, projectOptions, callback)

  • fileOptions.input (compulsory) name of input file
  • fileOptions.config.customOutput Filename of specific outputfile
  • fileOptions.config.uglify
  • fileOptions.config.sourcemaps
  • fileOptions.config.mangle
  • projectOptions.path (compulsory) must be set to .
  • callback if the first argument is non-null, an error has occurred. Second argument is name of the input file

Ruby, SASS, …

We are embedding the core of PrePros, so one could do a lot more, but the goal for the first version was to expose the javascript functionality. Feel free to push a PR.


There are some more newlines than what one might expect, but this is how Prepros does this, and so any issues with that should be filed in the Prepros project.


The actual file concatenation logic has been ripped from the insides of PrePros, so thanks to Subash Pratakh for releasing those parts under the MIT license.

Problems? Pull requests?

File an issue if there are problems. Pull requests are very welcome.


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