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什么是robin-js-sdk,A JavaScript SDK to communicate with the Robin platform.


Robin JavaScript SDK

A JavaScript SDK to communicate with the Robin platform.

This SDK provides the ability to communicate both with the Robin API and the Robin Grid.



npm install --save will save this to the dependencies section of your package.json

You may then require this sdk as follows:

var Robin = require('robin-js-sdk');

Include the script from$version/robin.browser.min.js, where $version is the npm version number in package.json. robin-js-sdk will be automatically attached to the window object as window.Robin.


robin-js-sdk is instantiated with two arguments, the first is a Robin Access Token. The second is an optional argument that can be null, a string, an object or undefined.


If the second argument is undefined or null, this SDK will be instantiated with endpoints pointing to production.

If it is a string, it must be a valid robin endpoint. Valid values are test, staging or production. Otherwise an error is thrown.

If it is an object:

  • An empty object will result in all endpoints defaulting to production.
  • If it contains an env property, all endpoints will default to that env. Values other than string types for this property will throw errors.
  • If it has a urls property, then values for core, grid or places will override the default endpoint for any of those apps. Types for this property other than object will throw errors. Properties of this object other than core, grid or places will throw errors.

Robin API

The Robin API is a REST based API. Calls to the API return a promise.

Core API Routes:

Route Source
Accounts accounts.js
Apps apps.js
Auth auth.js
Channels channels.js
DeviceManifests devicemanifests.js
Devices devices.js
Identifiers identifiers.js
Locations locations.js
Me me.js
Organizations organizations.js
Projects projects.js
Spaces spaces.js
Triggers triggers.js
Users users.js

Places API Routes:

Route Source
Events events.js

Robin Grid

<sub>TODO: Improve this section in a future PR</sub>

The Grid is a websocket server that allows PubSub between clients and devices through configured channels. The Grid module is an EventEmitter, to allow real-time updates.

The Grid exposes several modules, which allow you to connect and listen:

  • join - Allows clients to listen to updates from channels
  • leave - Disconnects the client from receiving updates for a particular channel
  • send - Allows a client to send messages to a channel.

Development Roadmap

The following should be implemented:

  • [x] Support for use in browsers, as well as node.js
  • [ ] Add winston for logging - will this work in browsers?
  • [x] Handle scope of access tokens for extended functionality (such as retrieving all API items)
  • [ ] Adhere to Robin Javascript Coding Standards - this is TBD.
  • [x] Implement API function arguments based on API documentation
  • [ ] Expand documentation to include all API modules
  • [ ] Can we autogenerate API module functions based on a object template?


Running grunt browser generates two files in the browser/ folder.

  • browser/robin.browser.js is the full file after being run through browserify.
  • browser/robin.browser.min.js is the minified version.


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