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什么是cfn-response,A module for sending responses from lambda-funciton backed custom resources in AWS CloudFormation


NPM-hosted copy-paste job of AWS cfn-response. AWS actively maintains the code that gets copy-pasted here; that code only gets copy-pasted over periodically at best. If you’re interested in actively developing this code–please fork and poke Amazon. If you notice the code here is out of sync with the latest, official version from Amazon, please send a pull request and link to where Amazon has posted the latest code.

Thanks, e’rybody!

#cfn-response module

This module contains functions that respond on behalf of custom resources you create using AWS CloudFormation.

The module includes a send method, which sends a response object to a custom resource by way of a ResponseURL, which is an Amazon S3 pre-signed URL.

Any Lambda function using this module stops running after executing the module’s send method.

For more information, read the AWS documentation here


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