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什么是at-diff,Tool to compare different versions of some code using Aria Templates.



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at-diff is a tool to compare different versions of a source code which uses the Aria Templates framework.

Unlike the traditional diff utility which mainly compares lines without interpreting them, at-diff mainly compares class methods or bean definitions and takes into account inheritance. By listing possible impacts, it aims at detecting breaking changes, and at helping a developer to update some source code when one of the libraries it uses changed.

Note that you should not rely only on at-diff to find possible breaking changes. at-diff does not replace tests. It cannot detect all breaking changes.

at-diff can be used both from the command line and as a Grunt task.

at-diff is tested with node.js version 4.2. It probably works fine with later versions. It may not work with previous versions.

Warning: at-diff is still in development and not thoroughly tested yet. You can provide feedback by opening an issue on GitHub

Check the documentation here.


Apache License 2.0


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