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什么是markdown-it-prism,Highlights code blocks in markdown-it using Prism.


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markdown-it plugin to highlight code blocks using Prism


const md = require('markdown-it')();
const prism = require('markdown-it-prism');

md.use(prism, options);

The plugin will insert the necessary markup into all code blocks. Include one of Prism’s stylesheets in your HTML to get highlighted code.


The options object may contain:

Name Description Default
plugins Array of Prism Plugins to load. The names to use can be found here. Please note that some prism plugins (notably line-numbers) rely on the DOM being present and can thus not be used with this package (see #1). []
init A function called after setting up prism. Will receive the prism instance as only argument. Useful for plugins needing further intialisation. () => {}
defaultLanguageForUnknown The language to use for code blocks that specify a language that Prism does not know. No default will be used if this option is undefined. undefined
defaultLanguageForUnspecified The language to use for code block that do not specify a language. No default will be used if this option is undefined. undefined
defaultLanguage Shorthand to set both defaultLanguageForUnknown and defaultLanguageForUnspecified to the same value. undefined


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