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什么是spelling-variations,gives you a word's spelling variations with detection whether it's a UK (English, british) or US (American) variations, also gives you the preferred variation.


Spelling Variations

A library to give you spelling variations for a specific word with detection whether it’s a UK variation or US variations. Also can be used to change word’s UK spelling variation to the US one.

Getting started

You can either download the minified version (from the dist directory) and use it in your browser, or you can install the library via NPM:

npm install --save spelling-variations

Now you can use the library as you wish:

// import the module
import spellingVariations from "spelling-variations";

var uk_version = new spellingVariations("theater").toUK;
// > "theatre"

var full = new spellingVariations("Anglify").analyze(); // or .analyse() for obvious reasons

// will produce something like this:
	word: 'cenobitic', 	// original word without any modification just lowercased
	// scoring how common this variation is along other variations
	// 1: the correct one to use / the most common
	// 0.87: frequent usually, the same for US/UK
	// 0.75: infrequent
	// 0.5: uncommon
	// 0.25: very uncommon, might be present only in old texts
	// 0: this variation is rejected
	// -1: the word you passed isn't present in the database (might be not having a spelling variations)
	scoreUK: 0.75,
	scoreUS: 1,
	// whether or not the word has variations
	hasVariations: true,
	// the preferred variation for the UK
	UKPreferred: 'coenobitic',
	// the preferred variation for the US
	USPreferred: 'cenobitic',
	// if there's a common variation between the US & UK
	commonVariation: '',
	// all UK variations of the word ordered by commonness
	UKVariations: [ 'coenobitic', 'coenobitical', 'cenobitical' ],
	// all US variations of the word ordered by commonness
	USVariations: [ 'coenobitic', 'cenobitical', 'coenobitical' ],
	// all variations (not ordered by any means)
	variations: [ 'coenobitic', 'coenobitical', 'cenobitical' ],


Method Example Returns Description
analyze new spellingVariations("Anglify").analyze(); {Object} @returns: The object described above (in getting started)
analyse new spellingVariations("Anglify").analyse(); {Object} @returns: An alias of the same function above (made for obvious reasons)
scoreUK new spellingVariations("Anglify").scoreUK(); {Number} @returns: A score of how common this variation in the UK’s texts (1-0)
scoreUS new spellingVariations("Anglify").scoreUS(); {Number} @returns: A score of how common this variation in the US’s texts (1-0)
hasVariations new spellingVariations("Anglify").hasVariations(); {Boolean} @returns: Does this word have other variations?
USVariations new spellingVariations("Anglify").USVariations(); {Array} @returns: US variations of the word
UKVariations new spellingVariations("Anglify").UKVariations(); {Array} @returns: UK variations of the word
variations new spellingVariations("Anglify").variations(); {Array} @returns: All of the word’s variations
UKPreferred new spellingVariations("Anglify").UKPreferred(); {String} @returns: UK’s preferred variation
USPreferred new spellingVariations("Anglify").USPreferred(); {String} @returns: US’s preferred variation
commonVariation new spellingVariations("Anglify").commonVariation(); {String} @returns: A variation that is common for the US and the UK
toUK new spellingVariations("Anglify").toUK(); {String} @returns: UK variant of the word
toUS new spellingVariations("Anglify").toUS(); {String} @returns: US variant of the word

Frequency Scores

One might think that the word theatre is present solely in British English text and the word theater is in American English text, however that’s not the case. If you tracked the word theatre in Google’s N-Gram viewer (screenshot below), you’ll see that it has been used in American English text as well as the the word theater, yet the word theater has been raising in popularity in American English text more than theatre. Same case applies for many word spelling variations out there.



For this reason, this library will rather tell you the frequency score (which is calculated by comparison with other spelling variations) rather than whether this spelling variation is British or American.

And these are the possible scores:

  • 1: the correct one to use / the most common
  • 0.87: frequent, the same for US/UK
  • 0.75: infrequent
  • 0.5: uncommon
  • 0.25: very uncommon, might be present only in old texts
  • 0: this variation is rejected in the (UK/US).
  • -1: the word you passed isn’t present in the database.

The score -1 does not mean that this word isn’t a dictionary word, absolutely not! it only means that this word doesn’t have a spelling variations.

For example, the words anything, everything, only will have a score of -1 since those don’t really have a spelling variation and they are the same for American and British spelling.


  • clone this repository to your machine
  • cd spelling-variations && npm install
  • install mocha globally (for running the tests): mocha test/test
  • build node build/build
  • test node test/test

License: The MIT License.


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