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什么是prelink,Symlink your module to keep clean and separate sources from project usage



auto npm link your npm packages after npm install

Reminder about npm link

A bar package depends on a foo package and you want node_modules/foo to stay in sync with ${HOME}/foo. To achieve this goal you run the command : npm link ${HOME}/foo. Because you want to automate this npm link command a common practice consist into adding it in the scripts, postinstall section, of your package.json.

What postlink does ?

It prevents you from having to maintain npm link calls in your package.json. It read dependencies from package.json and npm link all packages found in a folder you can define.

How to use

In your package.json add postlink as dependency and run it postinstall

    "dependencies": {
        "postlink": "*"
    "scripts": {
        "postinstall": "postlink"

Define the folder containing your npm packages : npm config set postlink_path "${HOME}". postlink now runs after npm install ensuring node_modules/* packages are in sync with ${HOME}/*

Defining the folder containing npm packages

This config value is set using : npm config set postlink_path {value}. You can define many folders : npm config set postlink_path "${HOME}/GitHub;${HOME}/npm_packages"


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