Camera for regl


A basic reusable "turntable" camera component for regl. (Secretly just spherical coordinates.)


const regl = require('regl')()
const camera = require('regl-camera')(regl, {
  center: [0, 2.5, 0]

const bunny = require('bunny')
const normals = require('angle-normals')

const drawBunny = regl({
  frag: `
    precision mediump float;
    varying vec3 vnormal;
    void main () {
      gl_FragColor = vec4(abs(vnormal), 1.0);
  vert: `
    precision mediump float;
    uniform mat4 projection, view;
    attribute vec3 position, normal;
    varying vec3 vnormal;
    void main () {
      vnormal = normal;
      gl_Position = projection * view * vec4(position, 1.0);
  attributes: {
    position: bunny.positions,
    normal: normals(bunny.cells, bunny.positions)
  elements: bunny.cells

regl.frame(() => {
  camera((state) => {
    if (!state.dirty) return;
    regl.clear({color: [0, 0, 0, 1]})


npm i regl-camera



var camera = require('regl-camera')(regl[, options])

module.exportsof regl-camerais a constructor for the camera. It takes the following arguments:

  • reglis a handle to the regl instance
  • optionsis an object with the following optional properties:
    • centerwhich is the center of the camera
    • thetathe theta angle for the camera
    • phithe phi angle for the camera
    • distancethe distance from the camera eye to the center
    • upis the up vector for the camera
    • fovyis the field of view angle in y direction (defaults to Math.PI / 4)
    • nearis the near clipping plane in z (defaults to 0.01)
    • faris the far clipping plane in z (defaults to 1000.0)
    • mouseset to falseto turn off mouse events
    • dampingmultiplier for inertial damping (default 0.9). Set to 0 to disable inertia.
    • noScrollboolean flag to prevent mouse wheel from scrolling the whole window. Default is false.
    • elementis an optional DOM element for mouse events (defaults to regl canvas element)
    • rotationSpeedthe rotation interactions (default: 1)
    • zoomSpeedthe zoom interactions (default: 1)
    • renderOnDirtyboolean flag to control whether scene is only rendered when the camera state has changed. If true, render can be triggerd at any time by setting camer.dirty = true. If false, dirty state can still be detected and used through context.dirty.

Command usage


regl-camerasets up an environment with the following variables in both the context and uniform blocks:

viewmat4The view matrix for the camera
projectionmat4The projection matrix for the camera
centervec3The center of the camera
eyevec3The eye coordinates of the camera
upvec3The up vector for the camera matrix
thetafloatLatitude angle parameter in radians
phifloatLongitude angle parameter in radians
distancefloatDistance from camera to center of objective
dirtybooleanFlag set to true when camera state has changed

NoteThese properties can also be accessed and modified directly by accessing the object, though at the moment you will need to manually set camera.dirty = trueif relying upon renderOnDirty


(c) 2016 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License






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