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Formidable Landers

Welcome to the HQ of maintaining our visible Formidable projects!

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Quick Start

We use yarn, so make sure to have a current version installed, then install this project.

$ npm install -g yarn

$ yarn install

Demo the header and footer components by running:

$ yarn demo

and visit http://localhost:5678/.


Quality checks

The usual:

$ yarn run lint
$ yarn run test

# ... or all together ...
$ yarn run check

Kicking the Tires

Before publishing, if you want to test the changes you’ve made to formidable-landers, you can build what you have and use npm linkin the repo where you want to see teh changes.

In formidable-landers, run:

$ yarn build

then run:

$ npm link

Then, in a repo you want to test, such as, run:

$ npm link formidable-landers

and you should see your changes! 🎉

If npm linkis being futzy or giving you problems, take a look at lankwhich requires a bit more learning curve and setup, but produces a far more manageable and reliable way of working with multiple dependent repos at the same time.


When publishing, please make sure to install and use npm@5.6.0to preserve file timestamp metadata as it is required for our overall website build and versions subsequent to 5.6.0intentionally destroy this metadata:

$ npm install -g npm@5.6.0
$ npm --version
  1. Merge your PR into master.
  2. Add a new version
    $ npm version major|minor|patch -m "Version %s - INSERT_REASONS"
  3. Publish
    $ npm publish
  4. Push commit with tags
    $ git push && git push --tags






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