Retry HTTP requests with Axios.


Use Axios interceptors to automatically retry failed requests. Super flexible. Built in exponential backoff.


npm install retry-axios


To use this library, import it alongside of axios:

// Just import rax and your favorite version of axios
const rax = require('retry-axios');
const axios = require('axios');

Or, if you're using TypeScript / es modules:

import * as rax from 'retry-axios';
import axios from 'axios';

You can attach to the global axios object, and retry 3 times by default:

const interceptorId = rax.attach();
const res = await axios('https://test.local');

Or you can create your own axios instance to make scoped requests:

const myAxiosInstance = axios.create();
myAxiosInstance.defaults.raxConfig = {
  instance: myAxiosInstance
const interceptorId = rax.attach(myAxiosInstance);
const res = await myAxiosInstance.get('https://test.local');

You have a lot of options...

const interceptorId = rax.attach();
const res = await axios({
  url: 'https://test.local',
  raxConfig: {
    // Retry 3 times on requests that return a response (500, etc) before giving up.  Defaults to 3.
    retry: 3,

    // Retry twice on errors that don't return a response (ENOTFOUND, ETIMEDOUT, etc).
    noResponseRetries: 2,

    // Milliseconds to delay at first.  Defaults to 100.
    retryDelay: 100,

    // HTTP methods to automatically retry.  Defaults to:
    // ['GET', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS', 'DELETE', 'PUT']
    httpMethodsToRetry: ['GET', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS', 'DELETE', 'PUT'],

    // The response status codes to retry.  Supports a double
    // array with a list of ranges.  Defaults to:
    // [[100, 199], [429, 429], [500, 599]]
    statusCodesToRetry: [[100, 199], [429, 429], [500, 599]],

    // If you are using a non static instance of Axios you need
    // to pass that instance here (const ax = axios.create())
    instance: ax,

    // You can set the backoff type.
    // options are 'exponential' (default), 'static' or 'linear'
    backoffType: 'exponential',

    // You can detect when a retry is happening, and figure out how many
    // retry attempts have been made
    onRetryAttempt: err => {
      const cfg = rax.getConfig(err);
      console.log(`Retry attempt #${cfg.currentRetryAttempt}`);

If the logic in onRetryAttempt requires to be asynchronous, you can return a promise, then retry will be executed only after the promise is resolved:

const res = await axios({
  url: 'https://test.local',
  raxConfig: {
    onRetryAttempt: err => {
      return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        // call a custom asynchronous function
        refreshToken(err, function(token, error) {
          if (!error) {
            window.localStorage.setItem('token', token);
          } else {

Or if you want, you can just decide if it should retry or not:

const res = await axios({
  url: 'https://test.local',
  raxConfig: {
    // Override the decision making process on if you should retry
    shouldRetry: err => {
      const cfg = rax.getConfig(err);
      return true;

How it works

This library attaches an interceptor to an axios instance you pass to the API. This way you get to choose which version of axios you want to run, and you can compose many interceptors on the same request pipeline.






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