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什么是operadriver,OperaDriver for Selenium



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This project forked from giggio/node-chromedriver.

An NPM wrapper for Selenium OperaDriver.

Building and Installing

$ npm install operadriver

Or grab the source and

$ node ./install.js

What this is really doing is just grabbing a particular “blessed” (by this module) version of OperaChromiumDriver. As new versions are released and vetted, this module will be updated accordingly.

The package has been set up to fetch and run OperaChromiumDriver for MacOS (darwin), Linux based platforms (as identified by nodejs), and Windows. If you spot any platform weirdnesses, let us know or send a patch.

Custom binaries url

To use a mirror of the OperaDriver binaries use npm config property operadriver_cdnurl. Default is http://cnpmjs.org/mirrors/operadriver.

npm install operadriver --operadriver_cdnurl=https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/operadriver

Or add property into your .npmrc file.


Another option is to use PATH variable OPERADRIVER_CDNURL.

OPERADRIVER_CDNURL=https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/operadriver npm install operadriver


bin/operadriver [arguments]

And npm will install a link to the binary in node_modules/.bin as it is wont to do.

Running via node

The package exports a path string that contains the path to the chromdriver binary/executable.

Below is an example of using this package via node.

var childProcess = require('child_process');
var operadriver = require('operadriver');
var binPath = operadriver.path;

var childArgs = [
  'some argument'

childProcess.execFile(binPath, childArgs, function(err, stdout, stderr) {
  // handle results

You can also use the start and stop methods:

var operadriver = require('operadriver');

//run your tests


The NPM package version tracks the version of operadriver that will be installed, with an additional build number that is used for revisions to the installer.

A Note on operadriver

operadriver is not a library for NodeJS.

This is an NPM wrapper and can be used to conveniently make OperaDriver available It is not a Node JS wrapper.


Questions, comments, bug reports, and pull requests are all welcome. Submit them at the project on GitHub.

Bug reports that include steps-to-reproduce (including code) are the best. Even better, make them in the form of pull requests.

Origin Author

Giovanni Bassi

Thanks for Obvious and their PhantomJS project for heavy inspiration! Check their project on Github.




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