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什么是gulp-jsdoc3,gulp integration for jsdoc3 cli



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jsdoc plugin for gulp


Install gulp-jsdoc as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev gulp-jsdoc3


var jsdoc = require('gulp-jsdoc3');

gulp.task('doc', function (cb) {
    gulp.src(['', './src/**/*.js'], {read: false})

By default, documentation is output to docs/gen. gulp-jsdoc3 does not modify the source vinyl stream so the output location can only be specified via config, not gulp.dest(). You can see all the default options passed to jsdoc in src/jsdocConfig.json.

You can also pass in your own config to override the defaults. All CLI options can be specified here.

var jsdoc = require('gulp-jsdoc3');

gulp.task('doc', function (cb) {
    var config = require('./jsdoc.json');
    gulp.src(['', './src/**/*.js'], {read: false})
        .pipe(jsdoc(config, cb));

Another good example is in this project’s gulpfile!

Overriding the default layout

ink-docstrap is used as the default layout but you can easily override it in your config like this:

    "templates": {
        "default": {
            // Set my own layout file
            "layoutFile": "./layout.tmpl"

Other config tips and tricks

Use include and exclude patterns to filter the globs from gulp even more. For example, only include .js,.jsdoc, or .jsx files that do not start with _:

"source": {
    "includePattern": ".+\\.js(doc|x)?$",
    "excludePattern": "(^|\\/|\\\\)_"

If you want to document multiple markdown or html files, enable tutorial support:

"tutorials": "path/to/tutorials"


Set env variable: DEBUG=gulp-jsdoc3


This is a reasonable attempt to wrap jsdoc using gulp as thinly as possible use the jsdoc config to pass in files from gulp. jsdoc does not allow for piped input, so this attempt may be considered a gulp anti-pattern. It also does not pass on output to be piped elsewhere.

I would like to thank Mangled Deutz @ gulp-jsdoc for the original implementation.


Apache-2.0 License


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