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什么是matchmedia-ng,matchmedia wrapper for AngularJS


matchmedia-ng is a set of AngularJS bindings and helper functions for the matchMedia javascript api. With matchMedia, AngularJS and matchmedia-ng you can automatically respond to the orientation, browser height, width and other properties supported by CSS Media Queries.

matchmedia-ng provides two core methods .is() and .on.

.on() is syntactically similar to the angular .$on() method, providing a way to listen on media queries and respond. .is() is just a simple alias for the matchMedia().matches method.

Both on() and is() have aliases provided for the following common media queries:

  • print - print
  • screen - screen
  • phone - (max-width: 767px)
  • tablet - (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px)
  • desktop - (min-width: 979px)
  • portrait - (orientation: portrait)
  • landscape - (orientation: landscape)

They can be used as onPrint(), isPortrait(), onLandscape() etc.

Check out the github-pages branch for more the live demo code.


bower install matchmedia-ng


Include angular.js and mediastore-ng.js in your application. Optionally you can include the matchMedia polyfill if are worried about browser compatibility

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="matchmedia.js"></script>
<script src="matchmedia-ng.js"></script>

Add the module matchmedia-ng as a dependency to your app module:

var myapp = angular.module('myapp', ['matchmedia-ng']);

Quick Start

Set matchmedia as a service dependency in your controller:

myapp.controller('MyCtrl', ['$scope', 'matchmedia',
  function MyCtrl($scope, matchmedia) {

If you would like to execute javascript code to load a higher resolution image when the page loads on a tablet rather than a mobile phone, you could do something like the following in your controller:

$scope.tablet = matchmedia.isTablet();
	$scope.primaryImg = "images/primary@2x.png";

If you would like to do something a bit more complicated, such as detect when the user drags the page below the threshold of a mobile phone, you can do something like this:

var unregister = matchmedia.onPhone( function(mediaQueryList){
  $scope.isPhone = mediaQueryList.matches;

Or even execute javascript when the user attempts to print the page.

var unregister = matchmedia.onPrint( function(mediaQueryList){
  $scope.isPrint = mediaQueryList.matches;
  //hide ads, show water mark, pause animations/video, etc.

See the source for the controller behind the demo app for a working example code.

Custom Media Queries

Though the common media query aliases are helpful, in some cases you will want to execute javascript on very specific media queries (maybe in tandem with a specific css media query). In that case you can use the core .on() and .is() functions;


 * @param {string} query Media query to listen on.
 * @param {function(mediaQueryList)} listener Function to call when the media query is matched.
 * @param {$scope} $scope Optional AngularJS scope, if not provided will use $rootScope
 * @returns {function()} Returns a deregistration function for this listener.
matchmedia.on(query, listener, $scope)

matchmedia.on('tv and (min-width: 700px) and (orientation: landscape)', function(mediaQueryList){


 * @param {string} query media query to test.
 * @returns {boolean} Returns true if the media query matches.

var resp ='(min-width: 700px), handheld and (orientation: landscape)');

Aliases & Shortcuts

The following is a comprehensive list of the media query aliases.

matchmedia.onPrint(listener, $scope)
matchmedia.onScreen(listener, $scope)
matchmedia.onPhone(listener, $scope)
matchmedia.onTablet(listener, $scope
matchmedia.onDesktop(listener, $scope)
matchmedia.onPortrait(listener, $scope)
matchmedia.onLandscape(listener, $scope)


Override Aliases

It is possible to override the media queries given for the aliases above by using a config function.

angular.module('myapp', ['matchmedia-ng']).config(['matchmediaProvider', function (matchmediaProvider) { = "(max-width: 500px)";
      matchmediaProvider.rules.desktop = "(max-width: 1500px)";


You can enable logging by using the following snippet in your code.



  • Add more documentaton regarding the matchmedia queries. (full options list).
  • Example with polyfill.
  • Tests for the matchmedia-ng framework are coming shortly.

Pull Requests

To make a pull request, please do the following:

Mention what specific version matchmedia-ng.js you were using when you encountered the issue/added the feature. This can be accessed by looking at the matchmedia-ng.js file header. Provide a pastie or gist that demonstrates the bug/feature Do not modify the version header. I will modify that manually when merging the request


Copyright © 2013 Jason Kulatunga, released under the MIT license


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