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什么是rantjs,A procedural text generator for JavaScript


Rantjs is a procedural text generator. The goal is to augment human creativity with the boundless potential of randomness. Inspired by Rant.

The project is available via npm (do npm install rantjs).

Demo and more information

Interactive demo available here

Click here for a writeup on my blog


var rant = require("rantjs");
var sentence=rant('<firstname male> likes to <verb-transitive> <noun.plural> with <pron poss male> pet <noun-animal> on <timenoun dayofweek plural>.');

console.log(sentence); // 'Sean likes to chop parrots with his pet cat on Saturdays.'

For implementation details, please visit the npmjs page


git clone https://github.com/svenanders/rantjs && cd rantjs
npm i
gulp serve

Then open http://localhost:8000

Development Plan

Easy way to choose alternative dictionaries

Indefinite article (a/an) automation

Overwriting (targets)


Looping (repeaters)



Contributions are welcome. Feel free to submit an issue/pull request. The following areas are of particular interest:

Documentation (wiki/code)

Fixing bugs


Functions in the development plan

New language features

Testing. Currently, this is the result of the coverage report:

Statements   : 96.44% ( 461/478 )
Branches     : 67.65% ( 46/68 )
Functions    : 100% ( 18/18 )
Lines        : 97.24% ( 458/471 )

Ideally, it should be 100% on everything

New in version 1.0.0

Added option for custom dictionaries. Note that this replaces the built-in dictionary.

var yourCustomDic = {}
rant('your text', yourCustomDic);

A sample dictionary file can be found in the ./src folder. Also take a look at the built-in english dicionary in the same folder for reference.

New in version 0.9.x

0.9.7 - Added nonsense verbs from Rantionary

0.9.5 - Added verbs for success and defeat

0.9.4 - Added Death ()

0.9.3 - Added climb (<verb climb up|down>)

New in version 0.9.1

Rewrote Rantjs for CommonJS.

Removed several gulp tasks (concat, minify)

Refactored the tests

Renamed the app internally

New usage syntax (not compatible with 0.8.x)

You can now call Rantjs directly from require:

var sentence=require("rantjs")("<firstname male> likes to <verb-transitive> 
<noun.plural> with <pron poss male> pet <noun-animal> on <timenoun dayofweek plural>.");

Added randomization:

require("rantjs")("A random string: [rep:8][sep:\N]{\C}");
//A random string: XUACJGOGN

New in version 0.8.6

Added support for [rep:x]


[case:title][sep:\n][rep:3]{I like <noun animal plural> but not <noun animal plural>}

// I Like Ogres but not Turtles
// I Like Bulls but not Horses
// I Like Poodles but not Owls

Note: [sep:\n] dictates newlines. Alternatively, you can specify \s for space.

New in version 0.8.5

Added support for [case]-tag.


[case:upper]<firstname male>




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