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什么是dropdown.js,Finally a dropdown plugin that transforms select inputs in nice dropdowns and does not drive you crazy.


` and I want to use it to style all my select inputs! But wha happens if I dinamically add a new element? I must init it manually… Doh!

Dropdown.js get rid of this problem, in fact you just need to run the plugin one time and it will take care of every new input which matches your rules.

// Init any existing .select element and then watch for new .select elements
// added dinamically by some black magic casted by a evil wizard
$(".select").dropdown({ "autoinit" : ".select" });

Now what happens? We want our dropdowns to act like a boss… emh like a standard select input. If it’s a single select you want first element, or the selected one, already selected. We want even keyboard support, so if we press tab, it get opened and with tab you can select the options etc etc…

Style it

What else? Maybe we want to be able to style our dropdown with our own classes so that we don’t have to hack the plugin to make it looks good?

$(".select").dropdown({ "dropdownClass": "my-dropdown", "optionClass": "my-option awesome" });

With this command we init every .select element (yes they are initialized always in the same way) and the my-dropdown class will be applied to the dropdown wrapper (ex: <select>) and my-option awesome will be applied to the options (ex: <option>).

Please don’t fill my DOM with thousand of DIVs!!!

Don’t worry friend, this is the markup used by Dropdown.js:

<div class="dropdownjs">
  <input type="text" readonly placeholder="This is a placeholder">
    <li value="foobar" tabindex="0">My foobar...</li>
    <li value="great" selected class="selected" tabindex="0">...is great!</li>


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