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什么是xStore,Client-side stores that serialize data for you


xStore wraps the HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage APIs to provide client-side storage, mainly targeted at web apps. It allows you to create different data stores that serialize data for you.

In a nutshell:

  • It’s small: 0.8 KB if minified+gzipped and it doesn’t have dependencies
  • xStore serializes Booleans, numbers, strings, arrays and plain objects for you
  • Chaining support
  • It has a cookie.js like interface.
  • You can choose if your storage should be persistent (localStorage) or just for a session (sessionStorage)

Some example code

var store = new xStore("prefix", localStorage);
  list: [1, 2],
  counter: 1

// Later

store.push('list', 3, 4).increase('counter'); // Chaining is awesome

// And read the values:

store.get('list'); // [1, 2, 3, 4]
store.get('counter'); 2

Another micro library for client-side storage?

Yep, there are already some similar libraries out there, but I decided to write my own one because none didn’t really fit my needs. xStore only supports browers that are somewhat modern. Furthermore it has an interface that makes working with client-side storage a breeze.

Getting started

Read these wiki entries:


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