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什么是social-sharing,Social sharing links and buttons without the bloat


Add social sharing links and buttons without the bloat.

Download Social Sharing / View the demo

Getting Started

Compiled and production-ready code can be found in the dist directory. The src directory contains development code.

1. Include Social Sharing on your site.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/css/social-sharing.css">

If you’re not using the Kraken boilerplate, you might also need to include button styling.

2. Add the markup to your HTML.

Branded Buttons

A few simple classes turn button and a elements into branded social media buttons.

<a class="btn-tweet" href="#">Twitter</a>
<a class="btn-facebook" href="#">Facebook</a>
<a class="btn-google" href="#">Google+</a>
<a class="btn-linkedin" href="#">LinkedIn</a>
<a class="btn-pinterest" href="#">Pinterest</a>
<a class="btn-github" href="#">GitHub</a>
<a class="btn-vk" href="#">VK</a>
<a class="btn-xing" href="#">Xing</a>
<a class="btn-tumblr" href="#">Tumblr</a>
<a class="btn-reddit" href="#">Reddit</a>

Sharing Links

To include sharing links for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more, just add your URL’s and titles where indicated in these snippets. Combine with the branded buttons for sharing buttons.

<a target="_blank" href="">Tweet</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Share on Facebook</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Plus on Google+</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Share on LinkedIn</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Pin on Pinterest</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Share on VK</a>

<a target="_blank" href=";sc_p=xing-share;url=YOUR-URL">Share on Xing</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Share on Tumblr</a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Share on Reddit</a>

And that’s it, you’re done. Nice work!

Installing with Package Managers

You can install Social Sharing with your favorite package manager.

  • NPM: npm install cferdinandi/social-sharing
  • Bower: bower install
  • Component: component install cferdinandi/social-sharing

Working with the Source Files

If you would prefer, you can work with the development code in the src directory using the included Gulp build system. This compiles, lints, and minifies code, and runs unit tests. It’s the same build system that’s used by Kraken, so it includes some unnecessary tasks and Sass variables but can be dropped right in to the boilerplate without any configuration.


Make sure these are installed first.

Quick Start

  1. In bash/terminal/command line, cd into your project directory.
  2. Run npm install to install required files.
  3. When it’s done installing, run one of the task runners to get going:
    • gulp manually compiles files.
    • gulp watch automatically compiles files when changes are made and applies changes using LiveReload.

Browser Compatibility

Social Sharing works in all modern browsers, and IE 6 and above.

How to Contribute

In lieu of a formal style guide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Please apply fixes to both the development and production code. Don’t forget to update the version number, and when applicable, the documentation.


The code is available under the MIT License.


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