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什么是ieBetter.js,make ie browser like a morden browser main for ie6~ie8


It’s created for IE6-IE8.

Why need this?

Modern browsers are so powerfull. For some small project, there is no any reason to include a large JavaScript library. For example, jQuery, Kissy and so on.

So, what we need is just a JavaScript file which is created only for IE6-IE8, and make IE6-IE8 like a modern browser(Chrome, IE9+, …).

How to use?

Simplely, include ‘ieBetter.js’, then just use APIs as in modern browser. For example, you can use document.querySelector to select the DOM element, and so on. The APIs that you can use see below.


Because of that only IE6-IE8 need ieBetter.js. So we have to do some special deal. For Example, IE conditional comments. Like this:

<pre><!–[if lte IE 8]> <script src=“ieBetter.js”></script> <![endif]–></pre>

However, IE10+ begin to ignore conditional comments. So, for this browser, if the page is in a IE6-IE8 documentMode, ieBetter.js will be ignored. So, maybe you can try this method:

<pre>if (!document.addEventListener) { // IE6~IE8 document.write(’<script src=“ieBetter.js”></script>’); }</pre>

Good luck for you!

APIs and Demos

So far, the APIs that has supported are: • 选择器相关API *.querySelector *.querySelectorAll *.getElementsByClassName • 事件相关API *.addEventListener *.removeEventListener *.dispatchEvent document.createEvent init[|Mouse|UI]Event input window.onhashchange • DOM特性相关API window.getComputedStyle • ES5 JSON扩展 JSON.parse JSON.stringify • ES5 Object扩展 Object.create Object.keys • Date对象 • ES5 Function扩展 Function.bind • ES5 String扩展 String.trim • ES5 数组方法扩展 Array.isArray Array.forEach Array.filter Array.some Array.every Array.indexOf Array.lastIndexOf Array.reduce Array.reduceRight

You can visit API document to get more infomation:

Still, you can visit here for some other information.


The MIT License


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