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什么是noisy,Adds random noise to the background of a given element.


A jQuery plugin that adds random noise to the background of an element.



Just download the repository and link to the local minimized script:

<script src="noisy/jquery/jquery.noisy.min.js"></script>

Alternatively, include it from

<script src="//"></script>


An example showing all parameters would be the following:

    intensity: 0.9,
    size: 200,
    opacity: 0.08,
    fallback: 'fallback.png',
    monochrome: false

But since all parameters are optional you can just use it like this:

You can also set a particles color with color option like this:

    intensity: 0.9,
    size: 200,
    opacity: 0.08,
    fallback: 'fallback.png',
    randomColors: false, // true by default
    color: '#000000'

This works, for now, just with the jquery version.


What’s wrong with using an image?

  1. Bandwidth cost Due to the random nature of background images with a noisy overlay, compression usually isn’t very effective. With this 1 KB script you can generate images up to 300 KB without loading for even a second. Saving bandwidth costs and loading time.
  2. Development speed Trying out an image with a different noise opacity involves a much smaller amount of steps by just updating a parameter than changing and saving the image in Photoshop.
  3. Flexibility By generating the background image in javascript, one does not need to rely on the webserver being able to serve static files for it. With generated favicons etc. a static files serving webserver becomes optional.


If you have any questions or suggestions that don’t fit GitHub, send them to @DanielRapp


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