turf inside module



Takes a Pointand a Polygonor MultiPolygonand determines if the point resides inside the polygon. The polygon can be convex or concave. The function accounts for holes.


  • pointFeature<Point>input point
  • polygonFeature<(Polygon| MultiPolygon)>input polygon or multipolygon
  • optionsObjectOptional parameters (optional, default {})
    • options.ignoreBoundarybooleanTrue if polygon boundary should be ignored when determining if the point is inside the polygon otherwise false. (optional, default false)


var pt = turf.point([-77, 44]);
var poly = turf.polygon([[
  [-81, 41],
  [-81, 47],
  [-72, 47],
  [-72, 41],
  [-81, 41]

turf.inside(pt, poly);
//= true

Returns booleantrueif the Point is inside the Polygon; falseif the Point is not inside the Polygon

This module is part of the Turfjs project, an open source module collection dedicated to geographic algorithms. It is maintained in the Turfjs/turfrepository, where you can create PRs and issues.


Install this module individually:

$ npm install @turf/inside

Or install the Turf module that includes it as a function:

$ npm install @turf/turf







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