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Ant Design Mobile RN

A configurable Mobile UI specification and React-based implementation.


Thank you all for trusting us and using antd-mobile-rn. Due to limited application secnarios and development resouces, we regret to annouce antd-mobile-rn will not be officially mainained and updated. If anyone in the community is interested to continue to maintain this project, please contact us in private.

If you found a bug you can file an issue directly and PR are always welcome.

By the way. you can support this project via Star star sta st s... ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.

Discussion: The new plan

The new version 3.x has been released, please see the installation upgrade guide.Changelog


  • Follow Ant Design Mobile UI specification.
  • Configurable UI style for different products.
  • Support web and native usages based on React Native.
  • Develop in TypeScript.


install expo app: https://expo.io/tools

Install & Usage

$ npm install @ant-design/react-native --save


yarn add @ant-design/react-native

Link icon fonts

react-native link @ant-design/icons-react-native




We welcome all contributions, please read our CONTRIBUTING.md first. You can submit any ideas as pull requests or as a GitHub issue. If you'd like to improve code, check out the Development Instruction and have a good time! :)

以上是 @johnnylc/rn-custom-ui-kit 的使用教程帮助文档。

  • @johnnylc/rn-custom-ui-kit官网:官网
  • @johnnylc/rn-custom-ui-kit源码仓库:源码仓库



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