CDK Constructs for AWS CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront Construct Library

All classes with the Cfn prefix in this module (CFN Resources) are always stable and safe to use.

The APIs of higher level constructs in this module are experimental and under active development. They are subject to non-backward compatible changes or removal in any future version. These are not subject to the Semantic Versioning model and breaking changes will be announced in the release notes. This means that while you may use them, you may need to update your source code when upgrading to a newer version of this package.

A CloudFront construct - for setting up the AWS CDN with ease!

Example usage:

const sourceBucket = new Bucket(this, 'Bucket');

const distribution = new CloudFrontWebDistribution(this, 'MyDistribution', {
    originConfigs: [
            s3OriginSource: {
                s3BucketSource: sourceBucket
            behaviors : [ {isDefaultBehavior: true}]

Viewer certificate

By default, CloudFront Web Distributions will answer HTTPS requests with CloudFront's default certificate, only containing the distribution domainName (e.g. d111111abcdef8.cloudfront.net). You can customize the viewer certificate property to provide a custom certificate and/or list of domain name aliases to fit your needs.

See Using Alternate Domain Names and HTTPS in the CloudFront User Guide.

Default certificate

You can customize the default certificate aliases. This is intended to be used in combination with CNAME records in your DNS zone.


create a distrubution with an default certificiate example

ACM certificate

You can change the default certificate by one stored Amazon Certificate Manager, or ACM. Those certificate can either be generated by AWS, or purchased by another CA imported into ACM.

For more information, see the aws-certificatemanager module documentation or Importing Certificates into AWS Certificate Manager in the AWS Certificate Manager User Guide.


create a distrubution with an acm certificate example

IAM certificate

You can also import a certificate into the IAM certificate store.

See Importing an SSL/TLS Certificate in the CloudFront User Guide.


create a distrubution with an iam certificate example


CloudFront supports adding restrictions to your distribution.

See Restricting the Geographic Distribution of Your Content in the CloudFront User Guide.


new cloudfront.CloudFrontWebDistribution(stack, 'MyDistribution', {
    geoRestriction: GeoRestriction.whitelist('US', 'UK')






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