Unknown type name 'class'; did you mean 'Class'?

I've just had this exact problem. I had a view controller using the AQRecorder class from AQRecorder.mm.

When I included AQRecorder.h in my view controller these errors occurred. It appeared to me because my straight objective-c view controller (named as a .m file) was including C++ header files the compiler was throwing spurious errors.

There are two solutions. The quickest is to rename the view controller class including AQRecorder.h to be a .mm file, in my case UIRecorderViewController from .m to .mm.

Or, move the following includes:

#include "CAStreamBasicDescription.h"
#include "CAXException.h"

Out of AQRecorder.h into AQRecorder.mm. This means that straight C++ style header files will no longer be included (by reference) in your plain Obj-C source.

Hope that helps, and makes sense.