Create an instance of a class in ES6 with a dynamic name? [duplicate]

There are a few ways you can accomplish this...

1. Proxy Class

Following from @thefourtheye's example of maintaining a mapping of name to class, you could have a class whose job is to take the name of the desired class and proxy its instantiation:

[ See it working ]

Define your classes

// ClassOne.js
export class ClassOne {
    constructor () {
        console.log("Hi from ClassOne");

// ClassTwo.js
export class ClassTwo {
    constructor (msg) {
        console.log(`${msg} from ClassTwo`);

Define the proxy class (e.g. DynamicClass)

import ClassOne from './ClassOne';
import ClassTwo from './ClassTwo';

// Use ES6 Object Literal Property Value Shorthand to maintain a map
// where the keys share the same names as the classes themselves
const classes = {

class DynamicClass {
    constructor (className, opts) {
        return new classes[className](opts);

export default DynamicClass;

Example usage

import DynamicClass from './DynamicClass';

new DynamicClass('ClassOne'); //=> "Hi from ClassOne"
new DynamicClass('ClassTwo', 'Bye'); //=> "Bye from ClassTwo"

2. Factory Function

Use a function that performs a lookup against an object of class name -> class mappings and returns reference to the class, which we can then instantiate as usual.

Define the factory function

import ClassOne from './ClassOne';
import ClassTwo from './ClassTwo';

const classes = { ClassOne, ClassTwo };

export default function dynamicClass (name) {
  return classes[name];

Example usage

import dynamicClass from './dynamicClass'

const ClassOne = dynamicClass('ClassOne') // Get the ClassOne class

new ClassOne(args) // Create an instance of ClassOne