Webpack CSS Module loader to namespace all rules with a single hash


Webpack's css-loader implements CSS Modules by giving every .class a unique hash which you then have to bind to your element/complement.

.a { ... }
.b { ... }

output with regular CSS Modules (webpack css-loader):

.dz1R8A {  /* a different hash */ }
.JkxzOD {  /* for each rule */ }

namespace-css-module-loader, as the name suggests, only gives one unique hash (a namespace) to all rules:

.2Jlr3B .a { /* both “wrapped” in the same hash */ }
.2Jlr3B .b { /* giving your rules a single namespace */ }

This hash is available as a single named export: {style} which you only need to include in the parent div:

import {style} from './style.scss';
export default <div className={style}>
  <div class='a'></div>
  <div class='b'></div>


npm i namespace-css-module-loader


In your webpack config:

loader: 'css-loader!namespace-css-module-loader'

Use it after pre-processors, it only works on pure CSS

loader: 'css-loader?importLoaders=3!postcss-loader!namespace-css-module-loader!sass-loader'
                                         ...      <-          ^               <-  pre


Provide options to the module as a query string or query object

loader: 'css-loader!namespace-css-module-loader?id=root'
loader: ['css-loader', {
  loader: 'namespace-css-module-loader',
  query: {
    id: 'root'

id (string) (default: 'style')

Change the default named export {style}:

import {root} from './app.scss';
export default <div className={root}></div>

descendant (boolean) (default: true)

Make the rule descendant of the namespace (default)

.a .b {...}
/* => */
.2Jlr3B .a .b {...}

combine (boolean)

Combine the rule with the namespace instead of making it a descendant

.a .b {...}
/* => */
.a.2Jlr3B .b {...}

combine & descendant

Both options can be used together to group the rules:

.a .b {...}
/* => */
.a.2Jlr3B .b, .2Jlr3B .a .b {...}


Hot Module Replacement

It probably has nothing to do with this module but if HMR isn't working correctly try adding webpack-module-hot-accept to all your JS files.

it hot-reloads only if [you] have a call in the JS that require-s the CSS Module. (react-css-modules#51)

related: css-loader#186





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