Semver-oriented TypeScript library skeleton.

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Steps to making this project skeleton into your own project.

  1. Clone this repo:
    git clone YOUR-PROJECT-NAME
  2. Update package.json so that name property matches YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.
  3. Update other package.json fields so that they are accurate.

To check to see if YOUR-PROJECT-NAME is available on NPM, uses this command at the command line:

$ npm view YOUR-PROJECT-NAME # will give you a 404 if the name is available.

This project skeleton uses:

  • the correct semver initial value (npm init defaults to 1.0.0 which is just wrong).
  • typescript 2.x
  • nodejs version 9
  • travis (for automated testing of your library)
  • MIT license
  • good simple default settings for .gitignore / .npmignore

To compile your *.ts files to a dist directory (keeps your source and target files separate),
simply add this to tsconfig.json:

"compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "dist"


 "include": [

For small libraries with a couple of files, I find that using a dist folder (target directory) is more trouble than it's worth. For projects with just one .ts/.js file, you can just get rid of the lib folder, and put your index.ts file in the root of the project. In that case, make sure to change the main property in package.json from 'lib/index.js' to 'index.js'. Same with the typings/types properties.